How I am feeding my family of 4 for a month for UNDER $200!

November will be the first official month that our family has gone from 2 incomes, down to 1. So I am super tight budget now. If I want to be able to stay at home with our 2 kiddos, then money MUST be tightly budgeted.

Let me say this, meat sales and deals in my area are far and nearly no existent . They never go on sale for B1G1. I usually get all of our meat at our Commissary on post, but when I came across this deal at Food Lion I could not resist.

They had a TON of meat on clearance, which was a total shock to me. I had already made my monthly menu, but this deal caused me to rethink the entire menu. Which is why you always need to be flexible when it comes to your budget. I figured, I would just buy the meat that I needed, then change up my menu to fit the deal.

What I bought:

2 split chicken breasts – $3.25 ea (Reg $6.21)

 3 Beef Cubed packages – $2.25  (Reg $3.40)

3 Round eye Steak  - $2.27 (Reg $4.24)

3 Packages of Cubed Steak – $1.09 (Reg $2.11)

2 Denver Steaks – $2.86 ($6.95)

1 Pot Roast – $7.38 (Not on sale, but needed it)

2 Family Packages of boneless pork chops –  $4.54 (Reg $7.49)

1 T-bone Steaks – $10.74 (Reg 19.22).. Hubbies welcome home dinner. =)

2 packages of Hotdogs $.75 (Reg $1.99) Forgot to add them to the pic

Retail for all the meat would have been $101.13, I paid $57.75! Not to shabby for a no sale and no coupons deal.

With all of  this meat I was able to take, and split up into sizes that were more suitable to my families needs. The chicken breast was an awesome deal because with the 2 packages, I was able to break it down into 4 meals (would have been 5, but I ran out of Food Saver bags.)

Here is my breakdown:

8 Meals of Porkchops

4 Meals of Chicken Breasts (with leftovers)

5 Meals of various types of steaks

1 Pot Roast

3 Stews (with leftovers)

4 Meals of Hotdogs

That is 25 days of dinner! Now, taking into account, that many of these meals will have left overs and our 1 allotted meal out, I have gotten enough meat to serve dinner for just $57.75. Plus, once I broke down the chicken breasts, I saved the scraps so I can boil and make my own broth.

Now, for the rest of the meals.


We go through a ton of cereal, I can average a box of cereal for around $1 ea, we go through 2 boxes a week, so that is $8 for the month. We also have chickens, so we always have an abundance of FREE eggs.


Leftovers are a staple for our lunches, I HATE wasting food! We also will be having lunch meat and because the weather is getting cooler, soups will be a lunch option as well. My average lunch meat purchase is $1.50 a package 2 packages a week for a month is $12. My soup average price is $.40 a can. We will be having soup 3 (2 cans each day) times a week (with the exception of my daughter who is in school).  So my monthly budget is $9.60. My daughter who is in school will be having PB & J those days.

Side Items & Misc:

This is my biggest budget eater! Here is a breakdown (average price):

3 gallons of milk – $4 ea

2 gallons of soy milk – $5 ea

20 bags Frozen Veggies – I stocked up on a Birds Eye deal at $.50 ea

4 loaves of bread: $.99 ea

3 Packages of Hotdog buns: $.99 ea

5 Juice: $.99 ea

I have also allotted a $50 budget for items like fresh fruit & veggies and condiments that I don’t have stockpiled.

So my total for the month is….

$185.23 for the entire month!

Lessons to be learned:

  • Connivence is EXPENSIVE! They had boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale to, but I would have paid more for it. It took me 15 minutes to debone and skin the chicken and place it in separate bags, and saved me about $10.
  • Be flexible, even if you have planed your menu, remember it is not set in stone. If you come across a great clearance deal, don’t be afraid to change your menu. 

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  1. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    wow that is a great deal, I sure wish I could plan like you do, I’m more of the spare moment on what I will make for dinner

  2. I would love to know WHERE you shop lol. Lunch meat in my area is a minimum of $3.99 a package and that is the cheap pre-packaged stuff. Deli meat is $6.99 a lb and up. I rarely every buy lunch meat for the obvious reason! TOO pricey here. Your price is much much better!

    • Jamie says:

      I snagged a deal a few months back on lunch meat that was actually free after catalinas. So, I stocked up and froze them.

  3. ANN*H says:

    That is alot of nice meat. I cant seem to feed 3 on that amount each month. Here lunchmeat is ridiculous in price – you myswell buy a chunk of meat if you can for the same price. I quess it depends on what each person like or eats. Alot of the old time money saver meals cost way to much to make from scratch anymore. I do the best I can with what we can spend. Thats about all you can do with costs so high. I do how ever take advantage of every bargain that comes along + using coupons too

  4. ANN*H says:

    I try hard to feed a family of 3 on that much each month. It depends alot on what each of us like or eat. Lumchmeat is expensive in my area. Its cheaper to buy cuts of meat for the same amount if you can find it. Those are nice cuts of meat you picked out. I buy what is on sale and use coupons all the time. If its a real bargain I try and buy extra to. It makes a difference to if your feeding children or adults. I buy generic items to and go to food outlets to keep my budget down

  5. brandy boone says:

    I wish we had a Food Lion~~ I need to get more organized and plan ahead!!

  6. Carla Bonesteel says:

    We don’t have Food Lion around me, either….Unfortunately, I just started couponing, and still tend to spend between $150 – $200 a week just to feed myself, my boyfriend, and our cat. We are creatures of habit, and buy a lot of the same things every week, and some of them are expensivel.

  7. Kathy Idol says:

    You done great! I don’t shop Food Lion but I will be from now on. I do coupons but not really like I should, will be working on that too now! Thanks for sharing with us

  8. Jhanelle says:

    Wow….wish i had a Food Lion where I live….its hard finding savings like this

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