Organizing Your Coupons: The Binder Method

So you have started couponing, collected your coupons… Now what?

One of the most important keys to get the most of your coupons is organization. How are you going to use that coupon if you can’t find it, or even know you have it?  There are many different ways to get organized. You just need to find the way that works best for you.

The Binder Method 

What you will need:

A sturdy 3 Ring Binder
(I use one that zips closed and has a carrying handle)

10-20 Baseball Card Sleeves for coupons

3-4 Currency Sleevesfor Catalinas and larger coupons

5-10 Page Dividers depending on how may categories you want

(I like the ones that have pockets so I can put the coupons in them if I don’t have time or room to put them in the sleeves)

You need to decide on which categories you want to divide your coupons into and which order. I have mine in the same order of the store that I shop at the most, and my categories match up with each isle in that store.

Some categories include, but not limited to:

FREE, Baby, Cleaning Supplies, Paper Products, Detergent, Hair Care, Oral Care, Soaps/Lotions, Canned Foods, Pasta/Rice, Chips/Crackers, Deodorant, Facial Care/Razors, Feminine, First Aide/Medical, Baking, Drinks, Baking, Breads, Cereal, Frozen Food, Produce, Snacks, Sauces/Seasonings

Majority of my coupons will fit into a Baseball Card Sleeve pocket, but they need to be clipped very neatly. When using this method, you can easily see both the front and back of the coupon. If I have to fold the coupon to fit, I will try to fold it where I can see all of the important info or will put it into a Currency Sleeve.

The Binder Method works best for me, it makes it easy to flip through and find what I need. Every week when I clip my coupons, I lay out construction paper with my categories written on them, so as I clip, I can lay the coupons on the paper labeled with the corresponding section in my binder. As I place my newly clipped coupons in my binder, I look through and pull out any that may have expired.

It may be a little time consuming at first, but once you have it set up in a way that works for you, it will save you time and money.


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