Organizing Your Coupons: The Insert Method

So you have started couponing, collected your coupons… Now what?

One of the most important keys to get the most of your coupons is organization. How are you going to use that coupon if you can’t find it, or even know you have it?  There are many different ways to get organized. You just need to find the way that works best for you.

The Insert Method

 This method is a good time saver for those who do not have a lot of time to clip and sort their coupons. It works better for those who get more than one coupon insert a week.

What you will need:

A File Box or filing cabinet
Tabbed file folders

Start by separating your inserts into piles by source and date. An example would be all Red Plum inserts from 1/1/2012 in one pile and so on. Then create a file folder for each set by labeling it with the insert date and issue (04-06-11 SS for example) then place the corresponding set of inserts in the file folder and you are done.

If you cannot remember the date of an insert, look on the binding of it, it will state the date there. I would also recommend writing the date with a marker on the front cover so it is easy to read.

This method is a “clip and go” method, you keep the insert whole and cut the coupons as you need them. If you prefer to keep your coupons with you when shopping, I would recommend the Binder Method.

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