CVS Haul 5/27/13! Money Makers and Great Deals!

This is my CVS Haul for the week of 5/26/13!

I walked into the store with $62 in ECB’s and a 25% off Coupon. When I scanned my card, I received another $5 ECB for the Beauty Club! 

Here is a break down of some of the deals I did. Not all are listed. Be sure to check out the video below for all of the deals!

My total before coupons was $179.. YIKES! I paid $40.74 after tax, and got back: $44.75 in ECB’s for next week!


Buy (2) Off! Repellents or Raid Insecticides – $4.49

- $2 Instant Savings when you scan your Extra Care Card

- $4/2 Off! Product coupon found in the 5/19 SS

STACK: $3/2 any Two Off! Mosquito Repellents CVS Coupon

Final Price: FREE + $.22 Money Maker

Buy (6) Kudos – Sale 2/$5 ($15)

Got Back: $5 ECB

Final Price: $10 or $1.66 each

Buy (3) Special K Cereal – Sale 3/$9

- Kellogg’s Special K Cereals (5/5 RP)

Got Back: $3 ECB

Final Price: $5 or $1.66 ea

Buy (3) Revlon Buttercream hair color – On sale $4.49ea ($13.47)

Buy (1) Revlon Foundation – On sale $9.49 ea ($22.96)

- (3) $1/1 Blinkie Buttercream Coupon

- (1) $2/1 Revlon Foundation, BB Cream, Powder, Concealer, Primer, Blushes, or Bronzer (05/12/13 SS)

- (1) $4 off $10 Hair color Redbox

Got Back: $8 ECB

Final Price: $5.96 or $1.42 ea

Buy (2) CVS Face Care – $2.99 ($5.98)

- 25% $1.50

Got Back: $3 ECB

Final Price: $1.48 or $.74 ea

Buy (2) Biore Face Scrub – $7.79 ea ($15.58)

- (1) $4/20 Face Care Redbox (I was able to use this because I also bout the CVS Face care)

- 25% $3.90

Got Back: $5 ECB

Final Price: $2.68 or $1.34ea

Buy (2) Veet Hair Remover – $11.49 & $6.79 ($18.28)

- (2) $2/1 Veet Product (FB Coupon)

OR: (2) $2/1 Veet Product (Bricks)

- 25% $4.57

Got Back: $5 ECB

Final: $4.71 or $2.35 ea

Buy (2) CVS Toddler Wipes – $1.49 ($2.98)

- (2) $1/1 CVS Toddler Wipes Coupon – NLT

OR: $1/2 CVS Toddler Wipes 

- $1 off $3 Wipes Redbox Coupon

- 25% off $$.73

Final Price: as low as FREE

Buy (4) Covergirl Eyeshadows – $3.79 ($15.16)

- (2)$3/2 CoverGirl, excludes accessories (05/12/2013 P&G)

- $2 off $10 Cosmetics Redbox

- 25% $3.79

Got Back: $3 ECB

Final Price: $.37 or $.08 ea

Buy (2) Neutrogena Suncare – $7.79 ($15.58)  

- (2) $1.50 on any (1) NEUTROGENA Sunless product (excludes NEUTROGENA trial and travel sizes)

OR: $1.00 on any (1) NEUTROGENA Sun Protection product (excludes NEUTROGENA trial and travel sizes)

OR: $1.50 on any (1) NEUTROGENA Sunless product (excludes NEUTROGENA trial and travel sizes)

OR: $1.00 on any (1) NEUTROGENA Sun Protection product (excludes NEUTROGENA trial and travel sizes)

OR: $1/1 Neutrogena SunCare product (5/5 SS)

- 25% $3.89

Got Back: $5 ECB

Final Price: as low as $3.69 or $1.85ea

My CVS Trip 5.5.13! Paid: $5.81 Got Back: $28 in ECB’s!

This week is starting off to be an awesome week at CVS!

I had $33 in ECB’s left over from last week, that I wanted to roll over. When I scanned my Card at the Magic Coupon Machine, I received the following coupons that I used in this transaction:

$5 ECB from the Beauty Club

$4 off a $8 Mens Face Care Purchase

$3 off a $10 Revlon Purchase

Plus, I got a 25% off coupon in my email last week that I also used.

Here is a breakdown of my transaction:

The cereal deal is better if you have 3 of the coupons, but since I only had 2 here is what I got:

2 Honey Nut Cheerios on Sale 3/$10

1 Lucky Charms 3/$10

- (2) $0.06 Cheerios Printable 

Pay $8.20 Get Back $3 ECB

Final: $5.20 wyb 3

*There is a $1/3 coupon, but at least by using the 2 $.60/1, I saved an additional $.20.

4 Crest Pro Mouth Wash – $4.99 ea = $19.96

- 25% CVS Coupon $4.99

- (4) $1/1 $1.00 off 1 Crest ProHealth Rinse 458mL or larger

Pay $10.97 Get $10 ECB

Final: $0.97 wyb 4

*This deal can be cut in half to get $5ECB, but there is a limit of 2, so I did the deal twice.

2 Nivea for Men Shave Gel $3.99

- 25% CVS Coupon $1.99

- (2) $3/1 Nivea Shave Gel or Foam 

- $4 off a $8 Mens Face CVS Coupon

Pay: $0 Get $5 ECB

Final: $5 Money Maker

(1) Small Eucerin $5.49

(2) Eucerin Itch Relief $8.49 ea

- 25% CVS Coupon $5.61

- (2)  $3/1 Eucerin Printable 

- (1) $2/1 Eucerin Printable 

Pay: $8.86 Get: $10 ECB

Final: $1.14 Money Maker

*This deal is better if you can get 4 of the smaller Eucerin bottles at $5.49, but my store only had 1.

2 Revlon Nail Polishes $5.79 = $11.58

- 25% CVS Coupon $2.89

- $3 off $10 Revlon CVS Coupon

- (2) $1 off any Revlon color cosmetic (4/28/13 SS)

Pay: $3.69 Get $5 ECB

Final: $1.31 Money Maker

I used a Total of $28 in ECBs and paid $5.81 with tax out of pocket, and got back: (2) $10 ECB’s, (1) $5 ECB, and (1) $3 ECB! Plus I still have $10 in ECB’s left from last week!

Walmart Shopping Trip 1/6/13

So I headed over to Walmart today because I need milk and wanted to scope out some prices for some of the coupons that came out today.

Can I say the price of milk sucks! I am kinda glad The Boy has dairy allergies, because it seems his soy milk is sooo much more cheaper, and I can actually get coupons for it! Maybe I will buy a cow! I don’t think Mr. Always would be to happy though..lol I’m still trying to convince him to let me get a pig. My idea of playing real life Angry Birds kinda has him interested..lol

*I would never actually do that… but the thought makes me giggle.

Ok… Walmart tip..

Simple trip, but expensive!

Milk – $4.39

Yup, that is it.. simple right? I need to figure out a milk alternative, because everything I have read… It’s only going to get WORSE! That is 1/4 of my weekly budget!

What is the price of milk in your area?

Left for the week: $15.61

CVS Shopping Trip 1/6/13

Let me start off by saying that this morning I got 5 inserts in my newspaper. I was a little disappointed that I did NOT get the B1G1 Stayfree. =(

Here is a break down of todays trip:

I did 5 transactions and even though I didn’t have coupons for everything I bought. I bought things that my family actually eats or uses.

Remember, it’s not how much you save… It’s how much you spend on things YOU NEED!

I also ended up giving the rest of my $4/$20 coupons to the woman in front of me in line who was buying a bunch of Christmas toys that were on clearance for prizes for her class. (I overheard her conversation with the cashier… I’m nosy..lol)

Since the 2 transactions that I actually bought food were technically money makers, they will count as $0 towards my $100 budget for the month to feed my family.

I started with:

$10 ECB from last week

10 coupons for $4/20 purchase

I took advantage of my $4/$20 coupons by splitting up my transaction for the Buy $30 Get $10 Cash Card deal.

Transaction 1: 

(6) Gold Fish on sale 3/$5

(1) Culture Probiotics on Sale $10 Get back $10 ECB

- $10 ECB from last week

- $4/$20 Coupon

Final Price: $6

Got Back $10 ECB

Transaction 2

(4) Planters Peanuts on Sale 2/$6

(2) Finish Gel packs

- $10 ECB from Transaction 1

- $4/$20 Coupon

- (2) $2.15/1 any Finish Powerball, Gelpacs or Quantum, exp. 2/19/13 (SS 01/06/13)

Final Price: $1.70

Got Back $10 ECB

Transaction 3

(4) Flintstone Vitamins B1G1 50% ($7.49ea)

Buy $20 in Bayer, Advil, Flintstone get $6 ECB

- $10 ECB from Transaction 2

- $4/$20 Coupon

Final Price: $8.46

Got Back $6 ECB

Transaction 4

(3) Nivea Lotions $7.99

Buy 2 Nivea lotions get back $6 ECB (limit 6)

- (3) $2/1 Nivea Body Lotion, 8.4 – 16.9 oz exp 02/03/2013 (RP 01/06/13)

- $6 ECB from transaction 3

- $4/$20 Coupon

Final Price: $7.97

Got Back $6 ECB

Transaction 5

(3) Nivea Lotions $7.99

Buy 2 Nivea lotions get back $6 ECB (limit 6)

- (3) $2/1 Nivea Body Lotion, 8.4 – 16.9 oz RP Insert (exp 02/03/2013)

- $6 ECB from transaction 4

- $4/$20 Coupon

Final Price: $7.97

Got Back $12 ECB

Total Out of Pocket Paid: $32.10

Retail Price: $136.88

Plus I have $12 ECB’s to spend next week!

My CVS Trip 01/02/13

My first trip of 2013! I would say it was a good one. This is also a lesson on FREE product coupons. When you get them, don’t run out and use them, hang onto them so you can turn that FREE product into a money maker. I had a coupon for 1 FREE Head and Shoulders, so when this P&G deal came around, I was super excited! lol

I did 4 transactions and started with the following:

(1) FREE product coupon for Head & Shoulders

(1) $1 ECB

(2) $2 ECB

(1) $8 ECB

Transaction 1: 

(2) Aveeno products $4.99 each

- $5 ECB’s from last week

Get Back: $6 ECB

Final Price: $4.98

Transaction 2: 

(2) Crest Mouth Wash $5.49 ea

(2) Scope Mouth Wash $4.79 ea

- (2) $0.50/1 Scope Mouthwash, 750 mL 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

- (2) $1.50/1 Crest Rinse, 458 mL 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

- $8 ECB from last week

- $6 ECB from Transaction 1

Got Back: (2) $5 ECB’s

Final Price: $2.56

Transaction 3: 

(2) Crest Mouth Wash $5.49 ea

(2) Scope Mouth Wash $4.79 ea

- (2) $0.50/1 Scope Mouthwash, 750 mL 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

- (2) $1.50/1 Crest Rinse, 458 mL 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

- $5 ECB Transaction 2

- $5 ECB from Transaction 2

Got Back: (2) $5 ECB’s

Final Price: $6.56

Transaction 4:

(4) Tide Laundry detergents $5.94

(2) Dawn Dish Soap $.99

(1) Head & Shoulders Shampoo $5

- (4) $1.50/1 Tide Detergent, excludes PODS 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

- (2) $0.25/1 Dawn 12/30/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2013)

- FREE Product coupon from Head & Shoulders

- $5 ECB from Transaction 3

- $5 ECB from Transaction 3

Got Back: $10 ECB

Final Price: $9.24

Total OPP: $23.33 for $102 worth of products with $10 ECB’s left for next week!

My CVS Trip OOP: $1.13

Todays trip to CVS was a pretty good one. Despite having a cold and fever, I am happy with my purchase!

This is a lesson on how to save without coupons *GASP*! LOL

I have been sick all week, so clipping was not a priority on my list this week, I would have been lucky if I could even lift a pair of scissors. My total before sales and ECB’s would have been $71.64. OOP: $1.13

Here is how I got it:

First, I must say that I love Jingit and my little debit card filled with FREE money..lol. I was able to spend my Jingit Dollars and snag the CVS Gift Card Deal (Buy $25 GC get a FREE $5 GC), which cost me nothing out of pocket!

Transaction 1:

2 packs of Huggies Pull Ups – $12.49 ea (On Sale 2/$20)

1 pack of Huggies Wipes – $7.99 (On Sale $6)

CVS Promotion: Buy $25 worth of Huggies products get $10 ECB’s Back

1 Wet & Wild Summer Nail Polish Bucket – $9.99

CVS Promotion: Buy 1 Wet & Wild Summer Nail Polish Bucket get $4 ECB’s Back

Total: $35.99 

- (2) $2 Pull Up Coupons from my Pull Ups Party that was hosted by House Party.

- $2.50 ECB that printed from the Magic Coupon Machine

- $10 CVS Cash Card from a previous week

- $19.49 off of my CVS GC!


Got Back $10 ECB From Huggies and $4 ECB From Wet & Wild

Transaction 2: 

(2) Men’s Degree Deodorants – $3.59 ea (On Sale 2/$5)

(3) Boxes of cereal – $4.29 ea (On Sale 3/$9)

CVS Promotion: Buy 3 boxes of General Mills get $4 ECB’s back

(1) U by Kotex – $5.29 (On Sale $3.99)

CVS Promotion: Buy 1 U by Kotex get $3 ECB’s back

(1) CVS Nail Polish remover – $1.87

(1) CVS Cotton Balls – $1.87

Total: $21.73 

- (1) CVS Coupon for $1.50 off any deodorant from the MCM

- (1) $10 ECB from transaction 1

- (1) $4 ECB from transaction 1

- (1) 30% off coupon I received in my email

- (1) FREE $5 CVS GC

OOP: $1.13

Got Back: (1) $3 ECB from Kotex & (1) $4 ECB cereal!

This week I used very little coupons but I had to be flexible with being sick. It just goes to show you that even without clipping coupons, if you use gift card deals and roll your credits (i.e. ECB’s, RR’s and other online resources)  you can still save.

My CVS Shopping Trip 1/13/12!

My shopping trip to CVS today has a lesson attached to it. Learn to be flexible when couponing. Sometimes things don’t always go your way, like today. My main goal was to score the All deal. I am running low in my stockpile, and it is the ONLY brand I use. Luckily that had a few bottles left. I had also planned on snagging some Rembrandt Toothpaste. Do you see any Rembrandt? They were SOLD out! This caused me to have to reevaluate my tip. Since most of the items that I had coupons for that were part of the Buy $30, get $10 ECB’s deal were sold out, I opted for some cheap items that I use anyway!

Here is a breakdown of my CVS Trip:

All Items were included in the Buy $30 get $10 ECB’s

Buy (6) All Laundry Detergent – 2 for $8

Buy (5) Smart Waters – 5 for $5

Buy (1) CVS Ultra Thin Maxi Pads – $2.99

- (6) $1/1 All Laundry Detergent, exp. 2/12/12 (RP 01/01/12)

Total Before Coupons and CVS Card Scan: $59.08

OOP: $25.49 and Got Back $10 ECB’s

With ECB’s it was a 74% Savings!

Not to bad for having to re plan my entire Shopping trip! But hey, I need the All..lol

Walmart… A Love-Hate Relationship

Let me start off by saying, I generally love Walmart… just not my local Walmart. I usually drive 20 minutes to the next town over, the Walmart there is cleaner, and the employees are ten times nicer.

My mistake was going to my local store, I figured because I was driving right by there that I would just stop in and grab the things on my list and go… Boy was I wrong!

Surprisingly, they had everything on my list, which is a shock! So I grabbed my items and headed to the checkout.

Some items I bought, or WAS going to buy were the following:

(4) 2.0 oz KY Jelly, which would give me overage with THIS coupon

(4) Reach Flosses, which would be free with THIS coupon

(4) packs of Dulcolax, with would give me overage with THIS coupon

All coupons scanned no problem, then my cashier starts rummaging through my bags looking at the items then looking at the coupons, grabbed the items and coupons and said he needed to check something and left.

He came back with a manager, and a rude one at that! She stated that the coupons I had could not be used because they didn’t match the pictures on the coupon… um WHAT? I politely pointed out that the coupon stated that it could be used on ANY product of that brand. She start yelling at me stating that people that use coupons were just scamming the system and that my coupons had to be fake because they were more than the product price. I am not a confrontational person and avoid it when at all possible, but I could physically feel my blood pressure rising. I told her that she can keep her items (in not so friendly words) and left with my coupons in hand, which she didn’t want to give back to me.

I read every single coupon I use and always insure I am using them correctly, it just really upsets me when people who don’t like coupons or understand them have the nerve to acuse someone of “scamming” because they use them.

Have you had an experience like this? How did you handle it? Needless to say, I will continue to drive the extra 20 minutes to my favorite Walmart. No matter how bad the service is, I can’t pass up some of their deals.

My Walmart Shopping Trip 10/16!

  I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart, one day I can go there and have such a hard time and get dirty looks for using coupons, then there are days like to today where I was lucky enough to get the nicest CSM to help out.

Here is what I bought:

24 Schick Disposable razors

6 Listerine Total Care Zeros (1 not pictured, it was miss placed in another bag)

Total before Coupons: $57.60

Total Paid: -$22.38!

(not all money pictured.. was hungry and bought lunch..LOL)

I was PAID $22.38 today for shopping.. Today was definitely a LOVE day for Walmart!

How I did it:

I repeated this transaction 6 times

(the listerine coupon stated 1 per person, so instead of dealing with the beep, I just did separate transactions to make it easier)

Buy (4) Schick Disposable Razors $1.97 ea

Buy (1) Listerine Total Care Zero (travel size) $1.72 ea

- (2) $6/2 Schick Disposable Razors Printable (no longer available)

- (1) $2/1 Any Listerine Total Care Zero

Total: $9.60

After Coupons: -$3.73

My Shopping Trip to Walmart 10/5!

Took a quick trip to Walmart.. Oh course they had no Scrubby Bubbles ANYWHERE.. Go figure. But I was able to score some pretty awesome deals.

Cost before Coupons: $67.84

OOP: $21.47 ($5.67 was Tax..agh)

What I bought:

(12) 64ct Huggies Baby Wipes

(4) Travel Size Old Spice Body Washes

(8) Cover Girl Eye Shadows

(8) Lipton 100% Natural Ice Teas -1 not pictured.. I was thirsty

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